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This site presents a list of open source HTTP proxies written in java and python, with comparison tables, so that you compare the proxies on a feature by feature basis. Further detail is available on each proxy: click it's name for more info.

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A comparison table of open source proxies written in PYTHON
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Name (click for details) V Primary features Min
V Design V License V Last updated
pymiproxy - Python Micro Interceptor Proxy A small and sweet man-in-the-middle proxy capable of doing HTTP and HTTP over SSL. 2.7 Threaded GPL 2012-07-23 1.1 yes no
PageKite PageKite is a reverse proxy tool that connects local servers to the public Internet. 2.x Threaded GPL 2012-07-20 1.1 yes no
txsslmitm SSL and MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) 2.5 twisted BSD-style 2012-03-13 no no
Cherry Proxy Extensible developers proxy 2.x WSGI Open-source, BSD-style 2011-11-29 1.1 no no
Twisted Web Proxy "This class implements a simple web proxy" 2.5 twisted Twisted Licence 2011-11-28 1.0 no no
HTTPRipper "HTTP Ripper is a tool to rip content out of the web" 2.5 Threaded GPLv3 2010-09-04 1.1 no no
HttpMessage Examples of how to use the HTTP peer library httpmessage 2.5 Threaded MIT 2009-11-18 1.0 no no
Django HTTP Proxy A simple HTTP proxy for the Django framework 2.6 Threaded MIT-style 2009-11-08 1.1 no no
Ajax Proxy Proxy for use in the development phase of AJAX projects. all Threaded GPLv2 2009-10-01 1.0 no no
Python Proxy Basic HTTP proxy 2.3 asynchronous MIT 2009-09-03 1.1 yes no
WSGIProxy WSGIProxy contains a WSGI application that will proxy to another server. 2.3 WSGI MIT 2009-07-16 1.1 yes no
Mobile Web Proxy Proxy for modifying web pages so that they can be displayed on a mobile phone. all CGI Artistic, GPL, MIT 2009-05-28 1.0 no no
htfilter2 "htfilter is a lightweight HTTP proxy written in Python that allows inspection and modification of data" 2.5.2 Asyncore Creative Commons 2009-03-24 1.1 no no
Zorp "Zorp technology is a robust perimeter defense tool, developed for companies with extensive networks and other institutes having high security requirements" 1.5 GPL 2009-03-09 no no
HTTPSERVERS SSL and MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) 2.1 Threaded Unknown 2009-02-14 1.0 yes no
Throxy Bandwith throttling 2.3 asyncore BSD-style 2008-12-20 1.0 no no
NTLM Authorization Proxy Server Windows NTLM authentication, HTTPS 1.5.2 Threaded GPL 2008-10-21 1.1 yes yes
HTTP Replicator Caching. Designed for caching Debian packages. Good asyncore design pattern. 2.3 Fibers GPL 2008-01-31 1.1 no no
ProxyHTTPServer A proxy which you can easily modify to implement desired features. 2.5.1 Threaded Public Domain 2007-11-24 1.1 no no
WebCleaner Range of filtering/blocking techniques, html parsing, javascript engine (SpiderMonkey), recognizes known browser attacks, XML DTD for describing filters and rewrite rules 2.5 Asyncore GPL 2006-12-16 1.1 yes yes
microproxy World's smallest python proxy! 2.3 Threaded Public Domain 2006-11-29 1.1 no no
Tiny HTTP Proxy Solid basic design pattern 2.1 Threaded MIT-based 2006-11-28 1.1 yes no
MindRetrieve Indexing proxy 2.4 Threaded BSD 2006-03-27 1.0 no no
Personal Proxy Server Indexing proxy 2.3 Threaded LGPL 2005-05-24 1.0 no no
Twisted Proxy Twisted Proxy 2.3 Twisted LGPL 2005-05-24 1.0 no no
Approx A Family of Internet Censorship Related Tools 2.5.1 CGI BSD 2005-02-12 1.0 no no
mxmproxytool "The mxmProxyTool is a Zope tool that fetches content from an external web source." 2.1 Zope GPL 2005-01-14 1.1 no no
Amit's Web Proxy Project Filtering/blocking, compression, experimental architectural approaches, range of loadable modules all Asyncore MIT 2003-11-16 1.1 no no
TCPWatch TCP and HTTP protocol debugging, optional GUI Interface 2.1 Unknown Zope ZPL 2003-06-17 1.1 yes no
Willow Bayesian content filtering, browser-based interface, caching, Windows NTLM authentication 2.2.2 Asyncore LGPL 2003-06-06 1.1 yes yes
ICAP Server Content transformation 2.1 Threaded GPL 2002-10-30 1.0 no no
BProxy Logs URI/title information 2.1 Asyncore Unknown 2002-10-01 1.0 yes no
WebDebug Request and Resource logging, Browser interface, Statistics 2.0 Threaded GPL 2002-04-04 1.1 no no
httpMonitor Logging, header transformation 1.5 Threaded GPL 2002-03-15 1.1 no no
AdZapper Elimination of Banner Advertisements. Programmable through XML "zapplets": a wizard is provided. Controllable through a web/browser interface. 1.5.2 Medusa Python 2001-09-02 1.1 no no
Archiver Proxy "An http proxy server which archives all your HTTP traffic." 2.0 Asyncore "free software" 2001-08-29 1.0 yes no
Cut the Crap Content filtering, filters extensible through python "plug-ins" and "zapplets language", ACL (Access Control Lists) 2.0 Asyncore GPL 2001-08-20 1.1 no no
Txt2Html Content transformation all CGI Unknown 2000-07-01 1.0 no no
Munchy Design pattern for basic content filtering and blocking ?? Threaded 2000-01-01 2000-04-25 1.0 no no
Alfajor Cookie filtering, basic content filtering, optional GUI 1.5.2 Threaded GPL 2000-02-28 1.0 no no
Mediator Mediator support, content filtering 2.1 Threaded GPL 2000-01-01 1.1 no no