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This site presents a list of open source HTTP proxies written in java and python, with comparison tables, so that you compare the proxies on a feature by feature basis. Further detail is available on each proxy: click it's name for more info.

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A comparison table of open source proxies written in JAVA
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Name (click for details) V Primary features Min
V Design V License V Last updated
Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) "The Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) is an easy to use integrated penetration testing tool for finding vulnerabilities in web applications." 1.6 Threaded Clarified Artistic License/Apache 2.0 2012-08-06 1.1 yes yes
WebScarab WebScarab is a framework for analysing applications that communicate using the HTTP and HTTPS protocols. 1.4 Threaded GPLv3 2012-03-02 1.1 yes no
Sloppy Bandwidth Throttling 1.4 Threaded GPL 2011-12-05 1.0 no no
JAP: Java Anonymizing Proxy JAP is a combination of an anonymizing proxy and an online service, similar in concept to TOR. 1.1 Threaded BSD style 2011-12-01 1.0 yes no
Membrane Monitor Membrane Monitor is a HTTP and SOAP monitoring proxy that can capture, display and manipulate messages. It provides a graphical user interface and a commandline tool. 1.5 Threaded Apache 2.0 2011-11-16 1.1 no no
Little Proxy LittleProxy is a high-performance HTTP proxy written in Java 1.5 Asynchronous(Event-driven) Apache 2.0 2011-06-03 1.1 yes No
PhishBouncer Anti-phishing proxy 1.6 Threaded BSD Modified 2011-02-28 1.1 yes no
Andiparos "Andiparos is ... an open source web application security assessment tool that gives penetration testers the ability to spider websites, analyze content, intercept and modify requests, etc." 1.6 Threaded GPL v2 2010-10-17 1.1 yes yes
Smart Cache Proxying, filtering cache server. Speeds up surfing and can block ad banners. Also has privacy features such as selective cookie filtering, changing HTTP referrer and browser name. 1.5 Threaded GPL 2009-07-23 1.1 yes no
Yacy Yacy is "A distributed Web crawler and caching HTTP/HTTPS proxy built on the principles of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks." 1.5 Threaded GPL 2009-06-23 1.1 yes no
Sahi Sahi is primarily a web testing tool. Sahi includes a proxy server, which is used to inject javascript into web pages, for testing purposes. 1.5 Threaded Apache 2009-05-21 1.1 no no
Scone "Scone is a Java Framework published under the GNU GPL, which was designed to allow the quick development and evaluation of new Web enhancements for research and educational purposes. Scone is focussed on tools which help to improve the navigation and orientation on the Web." 1.2 Threaded GPL 2009-02-02 1.1 no no
MaxQ MaxQ is primarily a web testing tool. The HTTP proxy component of MaxQ is primarily a HTTP session record and playback tool 1.4 Threaded BSD 2009-01-13 1.1 no no
Pro Active WebFilter PAW (pro-active webfilter) is an Open-Source filtering HTTP proxy .. PAW allows for easy plugin of Handlers (filter outgoing requests) and Filters (filter incoming data - the HTML response) and a GUI for end users. 1.5 Sun Brazil Apache Modified 2008-07-26 1.1 yes no
A Simple Multi-Threaded Java HTTP Proxy Server Design pattern 1.4 Threaded None 2007-11-27 no no
mitm-proxy Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) Proxy 1.5 Threaded Bespoke 2007-04-12 no
Paros Proxy A Java based HTTP/HTTPS proxy for assessing web application vulnerability. 1.4.2 Threaded Clarified Artistic License 2006-08-08 1.1 yes yes
RabbIT - proxy for a faster web "RabbIT is a web proxy that speeds up web surfing over slow links" 1.5 Threaded BSD style 2006-05-27 1.1 yes no
ProxyServlet Straightforward web proxy 1.4 threaded Eclipse Public Licence v1.0 and Apache v2.0 2004-01-01 1.1 no no
Agent Frank The goal of Agent Frank is to be a personal intelligent intermediary and companion to internet infovores during their daily hunter/gatherer excursions. 1.2 Threaded GPL 2003-11-22 1.1 yes no
jProxy Traffic monitoring 1.2 Threaded None 2003-02-02 1.0 no no
Surfboard Ad removal, bandwidth throttling, session record and playback 1.2 Threaded GPL 2002-01-13 1.1 no no
Zee Proxy ZeeProxy is a HTTP proxy that serves web sites stored inside archives, decompressing things on-the-fly, as needed.ZeeProxy currently can serve sites stored inside TAR files, TAR files compressed with RAZip and TAR files compressed with GZIP. 1.1 Threaded BSD style 2001-03-21 1.0 no no
Muffin - WWW Filtering System Many different forms of filtering 1.1 Threaded GPL 2000-04-04 1.1 yes no
mprox mprox is "a new layer of consciousness on the web." 1.2 Threaded GPL 2000-03-22 no no