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This site presents a list of open source HTTP proxies written in java and python, with comparison tables, so that you compare the proxies on a feature by feature basis. Further detail is available on each proxy: click it's name for more info.

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Detailed information about PYTHON proxy: ICAP Server
Proxy Name ICAP Server
Language and version python version: 2.1
HTTP version 1.0
HTTPS Connect no
Windows NTLM support no
Last updated YYYY-MM-DD 2002-10-30
Platform all
Author Geetha Manjunath
Home page http://icap-server.sourceforge.net/
Primary features Content transformation
Features From the product page:

This open source project gives a complete framework for Internet Content Adaptation based on the ICAP 1.0 protocol. In short, the framework provides you a proxy-based solution for online adaptation of the contents that a user browses over the Internet. The user can write simple filters/proxylets that modify the content as desired and can easily plug it into the framework. The user can also specify a set of rules under which the different filters/content adaptors get invoked.

In particular, this framework consists of

  • an ICAP enabled proxy server (squid, a very popular open source proxy server )
  • an ICAP server (written in Python)
  • set of proxylets (filters)
  • a proxylet API (for authoring new proxylets)
  • a rule parser (based on IRML, an XML specification)
License GPL
Design Architecture Threaded