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This site presents a list of open source HTTP proxies written in java and python, with comparison tables, so that you compare the proxies on a feature by feature basis. Further detail is available on each proxy: click it's name for more info.

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Detailed information about JAVA proxy: mitm-proxy
Proxy Name mitm-proxy
Language and version java version: 1.5
HTTP version
HTTPS Connect no
Windows NTLM support
Last updated YYYY-MM-DD 2007-04-12
Platform all
Author Prof. Dan Boneh
Home page http://crypto.stanford.edu/ssl-mitm/
Primary features Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) Proxy

From the product page:

mitm-proxy is an Java-based SSL proxy that acts as a "man in the middle". In other words, proxied HTTPS requests are terminated by the proxy and resent to the remote webserver. The server certificates presented to the client (i.e. a web browser) are dynamically generated/signed by the proxy and contain most of the same fields as the original webserver certificate. The subject DN, serial number, validity dates, and extensions are preserved. However, the issuer DN is now set to the name of the proxy's self-signed certificate and the public/private keys of the proxy are used in creating the forged certificate. These forged certificates are cached (in memory) by the proxy, for better performance.

License Bespoke
Design Architecture Threaded

NOTE : this tool can NOT be used for any commercial purposes, as is, because it makes use of an educational/research version of the IAIK JCE library.