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This site presents a list of open source HTTP proxies written in java and python, with comparison tables, so that you compare the proxies on a feature by feature basis. Further detail is available on each proxy: click it's name for more info.

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What is a HTTP proxy?

A HTTP proxy acts as an intermediary between a HTTP client (i.e. browser) and HTTP server. It receives all requests from the browser, and relays them (possibly modified) to the server. Likewise, it receives all responses from the server, and relays them (possibly modified) to the client. HTTP Proxies can be used for a wide variety of tasks, including filtering, logging, caching, etc, etc, etc.

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If any of the details on this page are incorrect or out-of-date, or you find a proxy that is not listed here, please feel free to tell us about it.

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A comparison table of open source proxies written in PYTHON
table columns can be sorted by clicking the arrow buttons.
Name (click for details) V Primary features Min
V Design V License V Last updated
pymiproxy - Python Micro Interceptor Proxy A small and sweet man-in-the-middle proxy capable of doing HTTP and HTTP over SSL. 2.7 Threaded GPL 2012-07-23 1.1 yes no
PageKite PageKite is a reverse proxy tool that connects local servers to the public Internet. 2.x Threaded GPL 2012-07-20 1.1 yes no
txsslmitm SSL and MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) 2.5 twisted BSD-style 2012-03-13 no no
Cherry Proxy Extensible developers proxy 2.x WSGI Open-source, BSD-style 2011-11-29 1.1 no no
Twisted Web Proxy "This class implements a simple web proxy" 2.5 twisted Twisted Licence 2011-11-28 1.0 no no
HTTPRipper "HTTP Ripper is a tool to rip content out of the web" 2.5 Threaded GPLv3 2010-09-04 1.1 no no
HttpMessage Examples of how to use the HTTP peer library httpmessage 2.5 Threaded MIT 2009-11-18 1.0 no no
Django HTTP Proxy A simple HTTP proxy for the Django framework 2.6 Threaded MIT-style 2009-11-08 1.1 no no
Ajax Proxy Proxy for use in the development phase of AJAX projects. all Threaded GPLv2 2009-10-01 1.0 no no
Python Proxy Basic HTTP proxy 2.3 asynchronous MIT 2009-09-03 1.1 yes no
WSGIProxy WSGIProxy contains a WSGI application that will proxy to another server. 2.3 WSGI MIT 2009-07-16 1.1 yes no
Mobile Web Proxy Proxy for modifying web pages so that they can be displayed on a mobile phone. all CGI Artistic, GPL, MIT 2009-05-28 1.0 no no
htfilter2 "htfilter is a lightweight HTTP proxy written in Python that allows inspection and modification of data" 2.5.2 Asyncore Creative Commons 2009-03-24 1.1 no no
Zorp "Zorp technology is a robust perimeter defense tool, developed for companies with extensive networks and other institutes having high security requirements" 1.5 GPL 2009-03-09 no no
HTTPSERVERS SSL and MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) 2.1 Threaded Unknown 2009-02-14 1.0 yes no
Throxy Bandwith throttling 2.3 asyncore BSD-style 2008-12-20 1.0 no no
NTLM Authorization Proxy Server Windows NTLM authentication, HTTPS 1.5.2 Threaded GPL 2008-10-21 1.1 yes yes
HTTP Replicator Caching. Designed for caching Debian packages. Good asyncore design pattern. 2.3 Fibers GPL 2008-01-31 1.1 no no
ProxyHTTPServer A proxy which you can easily modify to implement desired features. 2.5.1 Threaded Public Domain 2007-11-24 1.1 no no
WebCleaner Range of filtering/blocking techniques, html parsing, javascript engine (SpiderMonkey), recognizes known browser attacks, XML DTD for describing filters and rewrite rules 2.5 Asyncore GPL 2006-12-16 1.1 yes yes
microproxy World's smallest python proxy! 2.3 Threaded Public Domain 2006-11-29 1.1 no no
Tiny HTTP Proxy Solid basic design pattern 2.1 Threaded MIT-based 2006-11-28 1.1 yes no
MindRetrieve Indexing proxy 2.4 Threaded BSD 2006-03-27 1.0 no no
Personal Proxy Server Indexing proxy 2.3 Threaded LGPL 2005-05-24 1.0 no no
Twisted Proxy Twisted Proxy 2.3 Twisted LGPL 2005-05-24 1.0 no no
Approx A Family of Internet Censorship Related Tools 2.5.1 CGI BSD 2005-02-12 1.0 no no
mxmproxytool "The mxmProxyTool is a Zope tool that fetches content from an external web source." 2.1 Zope GPL 2005-01-14 1.1 no no
Amit's Web Proxy Project Filtering/blocking, compression, experimental architectural approaches, range of loadable modules all Asyncore MIT 2003-11-16 1.1 no no
TCPWatch TCP and HTTP protocol debugging, optional GUI Interface 2.1 Unknown Zope ZPL 2003-06-17 1.1 yes no
Willow Bayesian content filtering, browser-based interface, caching, Windows NTLM authentication 2.2.2 Asyncore LGPL 2003-06-06 1.1 yes yes
ICAP Server Content transformation 2.1 Threaded GPL 2002-10-30 1.0 no no
BProxy Logs URI/title information 2.1 Asyncore Unknown 2002-10-01 1.0 yes no
WebDebug Request and Resource logging, Browser interface, Statistics 2.0 Threaded GPL 2002-04-04 1.1 no no
httpMonitor Logging, header transformation 1.5 Threaded GPL 2002-03-15 1.1 no no
AdZapper Elimination of Banner Advertisements. Programmable through XML "zapplets": a wizard is provided. Controllable through a web/browser interface. 1.5.2 Medusa Python 2001-09-02 1.1 no no
Archiver Proxy "An http proxy server which archives all your HTTP traffic." 2.0 Asyncore "free software" 2001-08-29 1.0 yes no
Cut the Crap Content filtering, filters extensible through python "plug-ins" and "zapplets language", ACL (Access Control Lists) 2.0 Asyncore GPL 2001-08-20 1.1 no no
Txt2Html Content transformation all CGI Unknown 2000-07-01 1.0 no no
Munchy Design pattern for basic content filtering and blocking ?? Threaded 2000-01-01 2000-04-25 1.0 no no
Alfajor Cookie filtering, basic content filtering, optional GUI 1.5.2 Threaded GPL 2000-02-28 1.0 no no
Mediator Mediator support, content filtering 2.1 Threaded GPL 2000-01-01 1.1 no no